Tassilo Erath Photography
Our Packages and Prices
Welcome to my Wedding Packages My packages are priced to suite most budgets.
As you find on the websites of other photographers the price varies a lot. I tried to balance a fair price for the work you want done.
I believe that I don't only take your picture, but in fact build a lifelong memory that will last you throughout the years ahead. I also believe in repeat business in the sense that I would like to have you as a permanent customer in the future.
I would like to be the one to take your family portraits, pictures of the little ones as they arrive and so on. The only way I as a photographer can do this is to give you the fairest and most honest price for the best job that I can give you. To achieve this I have come up with several packages for your wedding, that suites most budgets. I have 4 packages and I am sure there is one to fit into your budget. Ranging from our Basic Package for a very simple and basic wedding shoot with no frills. This was done for couples who are on a very tight budget, right up to our top end for someone who wants a lot of Bang for their Buck.
I was asked not to long ago what is the difference between High Res and Low Res picture? The answer is simple. Low res are normally pictures down sized to about 72 DPI for web uploads as they load faster being a smaller file size. My pictures that appear on this site are low res mainly for upload speed. When I give you a picture on a CD or DVD or Flash drive they are all  high res. They are normal JPGs unless otherwise requested. Most printers to print a normal 8 x 10 require 300 DPI my printer runs at 4800 x 2400 DPI this is why my picture quality when printed is of such high quality. I never give out low res I let you do your own downsizing as you require it.

Up to 8 hours on Wedding Day Location of Choice, 1 Hour of Engagement shoot   Wedding Photograph of Ceremony , Reception Up to 200 High Res Photos on a Flashdrive 1 - 8 x 10 Photo Print of your choice
Up to 10 hours on Wedding Day Location of Choice, 2 hours of Engagement shoot. Wedding Photograph of The bride getting ready, Ceremony , Reception Up to 350 High Res Photos High Res images on a flash drive, 2- 5×7 Photo Prints 2 - 8 x 10 photo prints of your choice. Also include if requested 10 Green Screen Pictures with backgrounds of our choice
Up to 10 Hours on Wedding Day Location of Choice, 3 hours of Engagement shoot. Wedding Photograph of Ceremony, Reception Up to 400 High Res Photos High Res images on a flash drive 2 - 8×10 Prints or 1 - 13x19 4- 5×7 Photo Prints. This package also includes if requested 15 pictures on a Green Screen with a background of your choice
Up to 12 Hours on Wedding Day Location of Choice, 3 hours of Engagement shoot. Wedding Photograph of Ceremony and Reception Up to 400 High Res Photos on a flash drive. 4 - 8×10 Prints or 2 - 13x19 Prints 5 - 5×7 Photo Prints This package offers the option to do up to 30 pictures on a Green Screen Background with the background  of your choice
All photos are processed within 2 weeks of the wedding date.  A non-refundable $300 deposit is required to confirm and secure your wedding date from other potential bookings. First one to pay a deposit has that date of their choice booked The remaining balance is due 1 month before the actual wedding shoot. If a 2nd photographer is reguired for any Package the rate will be an extra $ 100 per hour There is a travel charge for outside the Cornwall, Brockville, and Ottawa Area. Please contact us for that extra charge. There is no HST on our packages